A health care center created, organized, built and run by a spinal harmed who is thus delicate to the needs of spinal harmed and sufferers in general. Thus all aspects of the health care center such as design/layout, employees and the control are individual, friendly and there is a very powerful individual focus.
Best Spine Hospital for Spinal Surgery
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Spine Hospital Vasant Kunj Delhi

ISIC is much more than a health care center, it is also regarded a coaching institution and educating health care center associated with a major school of the country. One the most popular courses include Experts of Prosthetics and Foot orthodontics among many with the supply of on the job coaching thus, gaining students from all over the country. ISIC can most humbly also feature of offering a two-year fellowship in Backbone surgery being one of the three centers in Native Indian, hence, speeding up the country forward in the area of health care knowledge and analysis.

ISIC is one of the few medical centers, which functions as an organization. Thus moreover to support distribution, there is a powerful focus on knowledge and analysis.

Wooridul Spine Hospital fellowship Program

Once the spinal damage solutions were well established, we focused more attention on building up the solutions for other skills of Backbone, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, therapy, Neurology, Urology, Hematology, Chest area Medicine and Surgical therapy. These are skills anyway required for the Backbone Injury Management and allowing them to work within their full opportunity would help in maintaining the experts and help increase income generation through a quicker revenues (which is very slow for spinal injury) and more maximum usage of diagnostics and facilities.

Our goal is to reach the lives of thousands of recently spinal harmed every season by offering health care quality through medical skills and to improve self sufficiency and freedom for the recovered individual.

Primus Ortho spine hospital 

The health care center was set up to provide extensive solutions for spinal injuries. Backbone damage control requires multidisciplinary therapy, which is perhaps the most cost worthless as compared to that of any other condition. Since these solutions were not available anywhere in the country in those days, it took us a while to train the professional and paramedical experts across various professions.

The improvement obtained by the health care center can be seen through our economic growth. In 1997 revenues of the health care center actions was Rupees 1.41 Cr ores and now in the season 2008-09 it appears at Rupees 36.40 Cr ores.

Department of Spine Surgery

The trip has been remarkable and diligent; Native Indian Backbone Accidents Center has extended from 30 to 147 mattresses in over 10 years. The health-care center is situated in a vast magnificently designed university that extends across 11 miles of land with its own fruit orchards just 15 minutes away from the airport in South Delhi. All the wards are large and breezy with a beautiful view of the lemon or lime landscapes. It is, perhaps, the only health care center designed by an individual for an individual, offering everything that a spinal harmed individual would need under one roof.

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