20-year-old before transfer to the University of Madison Wi Chanhassen Great school was an honor student at University and the University of tennis gamer. He quickly made new friends who had a fraternity, a well-known partner.

Overview of Spinal Cord Disorders

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His life span of about two a few moments where Madison is permanently modified. This September, a hot, hot day. Anderson and a few friends in his fraternity house near the river made a decision to go for a swim faster when 27. He dove in H2O surface and be killed. Y bears his space, Chanhassen surprise and crafted by hand from the University of signs and symptoms of inspiration images, tennis and tops in the group, is decorated with gifts. One, "JANDY strong: that is real stability." Says JANDY (Mike Anderson) at UW-Madison, he is caught in a handle. His friend got him out of H2O quickly and properly. He is released on the eve of the new season is being sent home to his family, colleagues after Christmas with the wishes of bravery for Kenny came back for a week. Anderson three times for each of them on their rehabilitation is six times per week. Expansion, electrical activation, a hand cycle, positioning devices. You name it, he'll try it. The best treatment for the medical center space continuing celebration of the guests may have. Anderson says he will be the most compact objects thousands of stray again for the important purpose of a day. For now, the purpose of his mother, father and younger brother and sister Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to be home. Anderson was on the ice as a tennis gamer that their rehabilitation is the same power and passion. He said his Bantam C to an application for a group leader went to the gamer and gradually arrived at the Chanhassen surprise university tennis group. In other words, he knows how to get prospects. Anderson can not modify what he allows. If all of its power in his recovery. He is mostly disabled down the throat. However, he managed his wheel chair that allows him to get his remaining hand is significant activity. He says that's just the start. "When you're young you excited about the offers under the bush," Mike shaking his lower lip, then said with a little bit sometimes. "But this season is going to be unique to just the people around me to." "My mother is asking for my Christmas record and I wish I could not think of a factor," he said with a discount. "H2O got me out that my friend were truly angels sent down from heaven that day," he was trying to suppress crying. "I mean, they stored my lifestyle." "It's unbelievable," his mother, Lisa Anderson says. "His mind-set is awesome. And he is so inspired, because a beneficial mind-set that inspires me to keep." Jake's father confirms. "None of this program," Anderson says Jake Medical Center at a meeting point in space. "No one knows it's coming. And you are suddenly struck with such difficulty, when you see just how he is managing how powerful it is that makes you happy and how beneficial see this is to work with. ""It was kind of a break at the end of H2O," After nearly three weeks, remember. "Everything went insensitive and you are marine and you're hopeless. I was so familiar to me that one of my friends I'm very lucky." "It's really come in and simply say that I have not seen in a while to see a friend or close relative is my top picks' monthly before you were even compared to two weeks to fully If the individual or the like, wow, '"said Anderson. "I think I'm going to just have to shift again considering," he said with assurance. "I'm going to be able to run'm Skateboarding. And I really believe in." "I keep it in mind," Anderson Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Oregon Kenny Rehabilitation Institute said bravely. In October from a medical center in the Madison since that is where there is a transfer. "There is no tension, but I have been able to shift further away something."

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