Symptoms of trouble (Bedsores) Presser Sores:

 Require to look for help if any of the following happens:-

•    You develop a fever.

•    The sore starts smelling and/or the drainage become a greenish color.

•     Higher redness around the  Presser sore or black Skin areas starting to type.

•    An increase in the size or drainage of the sore.

Troubles caused by Bedsores:

•    Amputations.

•    Autonomic dysreflexia.

    Can be life terrifying.

    Infections can pass on to the blood, bone, heart.

•    Prolonged bed rest.

Reapplying pressure Sore:

 Need Good body positions:-

Your place is essential to reducing stress on the painful and avoiding new ones.  need to change roles whether you are in your  bed or a seat.

When you are in Bed

  1.   Feed meals in an upright position to prevent choking.
  2.  Raise the head of the bed as little as possible (30 degrees or less).
  3.  Use pillows or small pads to keep the knees and ankles from touching.
  4.  Avoid lying directly on the hip bone. A 30-degree position is best.
  5.  Change positions at lease every 2 hours.
  6. 1Do not lie on the pressure sore. The use of pads or pillows to position the body will help relieve the pressure on specific areas.

Pressure Relief in Spinal Cord Injury

•    Changing positions often

•    Putting your body or  Any Skin Part in certain positions.

•    Utilizing special parts to help your body .

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