Occupational therapies For SCI recovery

The OT (Occupational therapy) solutions may be in the beginning provided when the affected person is hospitalized or on the specialist backbone injuries unit. - Following hospitalization, some individual's are confessed to a recovery facility. Other sufferers can continue recovery on an out-patient basis or at the home.

Wheel chair Occupational therapy ,-

 position and support requirements: for example - test and evaluation for a wheelchair (manual and/or powered) that allows for highest possible freedom... Posture evaluation and identification of correction/support systems required. Link then occurs with each individual's local wheelchair service for supply of devices.

Daily residing skills Occupational therapy - 

exercising and exercise in self-care and household projects such as cleaning, wearing, providing, drinking, self care and house cleaning. We also offer evaluation for appropriate devices, production of one-off modifications and the opportunity to exercise abilities in our separate residing evaluation device (Graham Mountain Unit).

Communication aids Occupational therapy  -

 test of devices to aid interaction such as telephone modifications, writing splints, pc key pad hand splints, mouth stays, and ecological control models. We also consult ASPIRE for pc assessments/advice and for obtaining assistive technology devices e.g. eye flicker computer systems. For further information visit www.aspire.org.uk

Community residing skills Occupational therapy  -

 guidance on coming back to work, coming back to generating, exercising and exercise in advanced wheelchair abilities (slopes, kerfs, difficult geography, stairs), organizing generating sessions, assistance with developing workouts and troubleshooting.

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