Muscular variations in the returning can occur for a number of reasons and may be a weakness patiently waiting to happen.
It is very important muscle variations are handled properly as instability in the returning can lead to problems later on.

Symptoms of a Lower Back Muscle Strain ( Pressures )

•    Possibly swelling or bruising over the area of the rupture.
•    Difficulty in moving - bending forwards, sideways or straightening.
•    A sudden sharp pain in the back.

Muscle tears are graded 1, 2 or 3 depending on how bad the tear is.
Grade 1

•    Tightness in the back.
•    Probably won't have much swelling.
•    May be able to walk properly.

Grade 2

A.    May get occasional sudden twinges of pain during activity.
B.    May notice swelling.
C.    Pressing in cause’s pain.
D.    Probably cannot walk properly.

Grade 3

1.    A static contraction will be painful and might produce a bulge in the muscle.
2.    Bad swelling appearing immediately.
3.    Expect to be out of competition for 3 to twelve weeks or more.
4.    In severe pain.
5.    Unable to walk properly.

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