Anything that causes pee to stay in the Bladder makes the right atmosphere for rocks to type because spend materials won't be eliminated as they normally would. This may happen because the kidney isn't clearing completely.

Stones type in the kidney when spend materials decide upon. In most situations, these rocks are made up of calcium mineral. Stones are usually between 0.2cm and 2cm, but may be small or much bigger.

Risk aspects for Bladder rocks include:

1.      Recurrent urine infections

2.      Poor fluid intake

3.      Increasing age

4.      Incomplete emptying of the bladder

5.      Being male

Large kidney rocks may need to be eliminated in a process known as cystoscopy. During this process a fiber-optic camera, known as a cysts opportunity, is placed into the kidney via the urethra. Any kidneys rocks can usually be damaged up during this process, and then cleaned out.

Drinking plenty of liquids allows keep the kidney purged out, and allows to prevent the development of kidney rocks.

Bladder rocks can cause discomfort and also cause bladder control problems, also known as annoying kidney. Stones may also prevent catheters, and cause recurring kidney attacks.

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