Bowel Proper care with Management Sections

1.       Reflex & Flaccid Bowel.

2.      Possible Problems Following With Spinal Cord Injury.

3.       Methods of Bowel Management and Care.

4.       Function of the Bowel.

Function of the Bowel System

The spend materials (stools or faces), are then stored in the left side of the huge intestinal until they are emptied from the system at a convenient time, by means of a BM. A BM happens when the rectum, which is the last section of the intestinal, is full.

The little intestinal receives meals from the abdomen, which has been split up by acids and minerals secreted by the abdomen lining. The little intestinal then removes nutritional value from the split up meals, and passes the nutritional value into the bloodstream to be processed by the liver.

The intestinal procedure starts at the mouth and is completed at the rectum.
The intestinal is the lower part of the intestinal tract, and its' role is to digest the meals and liquids that we eat and consume, absorb the nutritional value, and then to procedure and expel the spend materials that the system cannot use.

The intestinal is made up of two sections, the little intestinal (small intestine) and the huge intestinal (large intestine).

From the little intestinal, the spend meals is then passed into the huge intestinal, where fluid is absorbed for use by the system. As the spend moves around the huge intestinal, it gradually forms into chairs.

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