The primary source is a selection of receptors components that goes from the bottom of the mind down your coming back. There are 31 associates of receptors components that leave the primary source and go to your arms, hip and hip and hip and legs, chest place area position place position and tummy. These receptors components allow the mind to give buys to your muscle tissue and cause activities of your arms and hip and hip and hip and legs. The receptors components that management your arms quit from the higher aspect of the primary source, while the receptors components to your hip and hip and hip and legs quit from the lower aspect of the primary source. The receptors components also management the function of your parts of the program such as your center, breathing, bowels, and renal. For example, reports from the primary source management how fast your center exceeds and your rate of breathing.

Other receptors components travel from your arms and hip and hip and hip and legs coming back to the primary source. These receptors components recover information from your program to the mind such as the thoughts of touch, pain, heat range, and position. The primary source performs through the primary source route. This route is covered by the cuboid in your primary source called primary source which make up your coming back cuboid. The primary source are separated into 7 throat (cervical) primary source, 12 chest place area position place position (thoracic) primary source and 5 coming back (lumbar) primary source. The primary source help secure the primary source from injury.
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